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This site was updated on 7th June 2018

The parish has a day-to-day site (parish diary etc) at http://stmellitus.googlepages.com. The newsletter can be seen there. We want to give our sincerest thanks to all the people and businesses that have supported us in the past. One of them that stands out in their contributions throughout the years is a gambling establishment that offers its customers Canadian no deposit bonuses and promotions. Consider visiting their site and checking out what they have to offer. By doing so, you'll be helping us a ton.

Next year the parish will be celebrating 60 years in the present church, culminating on the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, Tuesday 8th December 2019.

We are planning to do a gathering event for our birthday where we will celebrate, have speeches from our members, dance, and even play some free casino games. Come join us, we promise you will have fun and great entertainment.

Our Patron Saint

St Mellitus was a Roman monk, sent by Pope St Gregory the Great in 601 to follow St Augustine in Britain. After 3 years in Kent among the East Saxons, he became the first Bishop of London. When he refused Holy Communion to members of the royal family who had reverted to paganism, he was banished to France. In 619 he was recalled, became 3rd Archbishop of Canterbury, and died in 624. A suitable candidate as patron saint of asylum seekers.

The parish supports the cause of the Austrian Blessed Franz Jaegerstaetter. Born 20th May 1907, he refused to join the army in 1943 on the ground that Nazism was anti-Catholic and executed at Brandenburg on 9th August 1943. He was beatified on 26th October 2007 at Linz.



Our History

There was originally a chapel served by the Canons Regular of the Lateran St Peter in Chains of Stroud Green. They were followed by diocesan priests as the parish grew in the 1950's. When the Irish community outgrew the chapel, the redoubtable Canon George Groves bought the present church from the Newcourt Congregational Church. Gradually the African community grew and the Irish Chaplaincy who had taken responsability for the parish between 1990 and 2000 moved to their present office in Camden Square and the parish reverted to Westminster clergy.